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BRAND ALCHEMY by Susanna Mitterer and Nicholas Brice (2007, Blackhall Publishing)

“The overall premise is that you need to build a brand on the internal truth of the company – product, strategy, vision and, above all, the people. But as well as arguing the case (very well) for this approach, it provides a comprehensive set of practical tools to develop and deliver a successful brand – something you cannot get from the title alone! Also, be prepared for most of this being change management rather than marketing. 

I fundamentally agree with the principles here. It turns traditional marketing on its head and creates a brand that will better stand the test of time. I believe branding can only be developed with HR and marketing people together. This book takes this a stage further with a multi-disciplined team tasked with making the change. This deeper approach has to be a good thing – a sustainable brand is just as much about HR managers recruiting against brand fit as it is marcoms executives applying identity guidelines.”

By Simon Ward, MD, Promodus

DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS WITH SOUL by Nicholas Brice (2015, 360 Degree Vision)

Following on from Brand Alchemy, here is a toolkit complete with a set of strong concepts, tools, tips and techniques for putting soul at the core of your business.

These methods have been used in a variety of business situations and have helped clients achieve quantum leaps in performance.

Do get in touch using the contact form if you’d like to get hold of a copy.

By Simon Ward, MD, Promodus

SPEAK WITH SOUL by Nicholas Brice (2018, 360 Degree Vision)

With the VUCA world we live in, there is a growing need for people who can influence and engage people when they speak to groups of 5-500.

My work helping speakers develop is a unique combination of approaches drawn from 15 years producing and directing award-winning theatre, coupled with 30+ years speaking to groups of 5-500+ in a range of wall-to-wall culture change initiatives.

To survive and thrive in such a changing landscape will require people with a strong and persuasive communication style – regardless of whether they are naturally intro- or extroverted.

My Speaker Coaching Programme is aimed at helping individual leaders and key professionals develop enhanced authenticity, presence and impact when they speak. This is a 2/3-month action-based coaching process to help participants develop their ability to communicate in a persuasive and effective way when speaking to key stakeholders.

This toolkit forms a part of these programmes, but is also designed to act as a self-study tool.

Please get in touch if you’d like to get hold of a copy.

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