Do you need to get your leaders and teams 100% onboard with your business strategy?

I can help you with sharp, interactive sessions on:

Putting people first – Leading with soul – Persuasive speaking (online & F2F) – Delivering human customer experiences – Optimising mental & emotional capability in hybrid working

When we say “I’m putting my heart and soul into this.” It means I mean business. Good business.

What are the practices that can bring out the best – in ourselves and others?

I can help you with LIVE or ONLINE sessions:


refocusing your leaders and teams on the critical priorities with a lively MC role and/or keynote


helping your people develop new ways of working through an interactive masterclass

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driving your business forward with a wider research-based development programme

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Driving Business with Soul

“To be their best, people need to put their heart and soul into what they do.”

I’ve enjoyed a successful commercial career of over 30 years which has seen me lead some major projects in CX culture change and design; change; embedding values; improving personal effectiveness. My experience has led me to identify my purpose as helping clients in driving business with soul.

Speaking to large groups has been feature of this work since 1986.  Today, I draw from concepts, tools and methods backed up by real success stories.

Over the past 15 years I’ve produced and directed the sell-out Edinburgh hit: The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show, which has challenged me to create a compelling experience that gets 1000’s of people to come to the theatre…at 10.30 in the morning!


My interactive keynotes and masterclasses get your leaders and teams focused on the right tactics and behaviours to drive your key strategies forward more quickly and efficiently.

General Speaker Reel 

Leading with Soul

Master of Ceremonies 

Speaking with Soul 

Mobilise your people to deliver enhanced performance – brands, experiences, products and services.

“To be their best, people need to put their heart and soul into what they do.”

I’ve enjoyed a successful commercial, presenting and consulting career of over 30 years, which has seen me lead and facilitate culture change programmes for hundreds of thousands of people across five continents in groups of 4 to 800. My main focus has been customer experience culture change, brand experience design, leading people through change, embedding values across an organisation and personal effectiveness.

As a speaker I can draw from an extensive back catalogue of subject matter, insights, case material and tools that I now share as an international keynote speaker and masterclass facilitator….

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