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Keynotes and masterclasses I offer (online or F2F):


1. Drive your business with soul

What are the key steps you can take drive your business from a clear, shared ethos? This also means being agile enough to evolve fast enough to take advantage of your opportunities.

How can you deliver customer experiences with soul? What is the role of technical vs human quality, expectation inflation, customer journeys, inside out branding, team culture, key attitudes and behaviours?

What does coaching teams take in the today’s digital workplace?

“Thanks so much for a really inspiring session yesterday. The feedback was excellent, and we really appreciated the gift of the batons.’ Mike Wilsher, Executive Foundation


2. Lead with soul

Five proven success practices leaders use in transforming team and organisation performance.

In my keynote and masterclass I explain these principles using real examples from some of the great leaders I’ve experienced in action that have real relevance in today’s VUCA world.

I cover the practical steps leaders take to coach teams to increase ownership, secure discretionary effort and increase participation – working at the soul level.

“Thank you for such an inspiring keynote.’ Cathy Brown, Executive Director, Engage for Success


3. Speak with soul

How can you become an authentic, inspiring speaker in your role?  How can you get people to want to do what you propose when you speak?

I can help people overcome some of the common barriers to communication when they need to speak to groups…


Speaker Coaching

My speaker coaching is highly practical and helps people of all levels design and deliver great keynotes – both online and face-to-face. Using a mix of presentations skills and theatre methods, I can help people engage audiences with ‘the real you’ as a presenter and storyteller. In this way, people connect with their audience more deeply without relying so heavily on copious slide decks.

“The training was great and the feedback received was excellent.” Aneliya Stoyanova, Head of Internal Communications, Progress IT.

“I was always very self-conscious and shy in front of crowds which really impacted the communication of my work and effectively my grades. After working with Nicholas Brice, I am proud to say, I have received a First Class for my third year design project. Along with winning awards for my work and presentation skills.” Jennifer Loder, Design Student.


Availability & Fees

With a busy schedule, I’d strongly recommend you get in touch at least 2-3 months before your event to check availability and get a booking in the diary. You’ll need to secure the booking with a 25% upfront deposit, returnable for cancellations six weeks or more before the event. Full fees become due you have to cancel less than one month before the booking.

For UK work payment will be welcome 14 days after the event.

Travel is business class air travel for flights over 3 hours, first/business class rail, comfortable accommodation and meals to include the night before the night before the event for time zone shifts of more than 3 hours.  Mileage is 50p per mile.  All other travel at cost.

Rates (ex VAT & materials/expenses):

(fees depend on level of audience and location)



 £2000-£4000 (poa)


Online Masterclasses

£1600 (1-3hrs)/ £1950 (3-5hrs)


F2F Masterclasses (<30 people)

£2250 half-day/ £3250 full day


Bespoke design/project mgt/waiting

£1800 per day pro-rata (£400 min)


Materials by separate quote

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Or You can call me on +44(0)7778356954